Saturday, January 3, 2009


When posed with the question "What is LARD, what is it about?", the exact definiton of "about" can sum up what we represent. About is an inaproximation, something close but not exact. Imprecise but fairly close to correct. That's what and who we are. That's what we represent as a brand. LARD has never been about a name, but rather the passion and aspiration for a cultured lifestyle influenced by our pasts, presents, and futures. Yes, LARD is pig fat and is used by our parents and grandparents to cook up amazing feasts. For us, it represents so much more. We look at lard as being a starting ground, something unsightly and useless on it's own but with the proper cultivation and care LARD can be molded and transformed into something amazing and priceless. Something Extra Good. Our grind and our vision is far from perfect, but it's ours. A vision of hard work, tomfoolery, and lots and lots of fun shine through us and into our clothing. That's what LARD Lifestyle Brand is and that's what we're about. Past, Present, and Future.